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Why TulipScreener?

The stock market is a public square for investing money. Big, successful companies list their shares to the public and when stock is purchased those companies use the money. Companies may use this capital to implement ambitious plans such as building more factories or investing in a new product that will make their consumers happy. When profits from this investment increase, the company's stock price will also increase. Finding companies that are doing well is difficult, and monitoring your current investments can be extremely time consuming. Unless you're a paid professional, it can be a chore to watch everything. Until now.

TulipScreener was built to help you watch the stock market every minute and alert you about events you care about. Stocks, bonds, index funds, and crypto currencies can be watched by TulipScreener 24/7 until the right moment when we will promptly alert you. It's that easy, and it's completely free! Sign up today and take your mind off the noise so you can again focus on analyzing, learning, and finding great investments! Work on finding the next opportunity; let us do the work of watching the opportunities you've already discovered.

TulipScreener has been the product of years of hard work but we're excited to finally make it available to the public. We've connected to high quality data sources and are working tirelessly to make improvements that help you invest better! Help support us, sign up for an account and give us your feedback. We're excited to help you and learn together how to better allocate our money.