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TulipScreener Tutorial  

(updated April 4th, 2019) Download PDF

Sign in to your account on the Sign In  ( https://www.tulipscreener.com/users/sign_in ) page.

After you log in, you will be taken to the dashboard. Here you can search for a specific stock using the Symbol Search box at the top of the page. Try typing “Facebook” as an example.

Facebook data:

Next, in the column on the left, under Dashboard  click the Events  button. You’ll be taken to the Events page below. It will be empty, so let’s create an Event! To get started, click the Create New Event  button as seen below.

You’ll see the following page, where you can type
Apple  in the box below the Symbol Search  field in the header. Note: This field requires 3 characters to autocomplete, so if you don’t know the exact stock symbol ( AAPL ) you can type the entire company name and you’ll be able to pick it from the list.

You will be given an autocomplete list of stocks to pick from. After you select your stock symbol, AAPL we can create our alert.

Price Change Alert : “has its price change by more than …”

When you want to know when a stock changes by a large amount, either up or down in a single trading day, you can get the percent you want to get notified about here. I only want to be notified on major change for Apple, so I will pick 5 percent.

Keep the email notification option for now for this tutorial. We’re always working on more notification types, if you don’t see a notification option you want, let us know what you want! We’ll see what we can do :)

Next, we’ll show the Price Less Than Alert “has a price less than or equal to”:

This alert is good for when you think a stock is too expensive and you want to buy at a cheaper price.

Below, you’ll see we picked the price of $180 to get our alert. When Apple hits that price on the stock market, our robots will let us know via email alert. If I want to buy at $180, I would get this alert, look over the stock, and then go to my brokerage account and create a limit order to buy it.

Next, we’ll show the Price Greater Than Alert “has a price greater than or equal to”:

This alert is good for when you bought a stock and want to sell it for this price, maybe $200. You’ll get the alert from TulipScreener and then you can decide if you want to sell or not.

Below, you’ll see we picked the price of $200 to get our alert. When Apple hits that price on the stock market, our robots will let us know via email alert. You will get this alert and then you can decide what to do!

Below you’ll see our Greater Than Event event in the Events page ( https://www.tulipscreener.com/events ). You can visit this page and edit or delete these alerts at any time.

Next, we’ll show the Volume Greater than 30 Day Average Event “has volume 30% above the 30 day average”:

Shown below, this event will tell you when a stock is significantly above normal volume (the number of trades that have happened between buyers and sellers of stock) for the day, and you can check your preferred stock news choice, such as Reuters ( https://www.reuters.com/finance/stocks/company-news/AAPL.OQ ) to see if any significant news has happened that has increased trading volume. If you subscribe to both company alerts and an alert for SPY, one of the most traded index funds, you’ll see if it’s just a high market volume day in general because of fear or excitement or bigger scale news examples including Federal Reserve interest rate increases or trade war tensions between China in and the United States.

This event comes in handy if you want to know when big news happens for your favorite stocks.

Next, we’ll show the Upcoming Earnings Call Event “has an upcoming earnings call”:

Profits are the underlying reason to invest in companies and earnings calls are when companies announce their profits. These calls happen quarterly (every 3 months) and when they happen, the results may be lower or higher than analysts expect. You can find future earnings expectations here ( https://www.reuters.com/finance/stocks/analyst/AAPL.O ) on the right side. You can see the Future Estimates at the bottom.

Here we are subscribed to alerts about Apple earnings calls.

You did it!

Congratulations on making it through this tutorial! We’re really excited to have you using TulipScreener, we hope it provides you a lot of value, saves you time, and helps you make better trades! We’re always working to improve TulipScreener and we care about improving our product and making it easier, better, and more useful for our users! Contact us to tell us how we can help! We can’t wait to hear from you!

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