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Example Use Cases

Full-time employee

You have a full time job, but you are trying to manage your savings on the weekend. You do some research over the weekend and set up some alerts in TulipScreener for what price you want to buy a stock at. You work hard during the days and get alerted when you have to change something.
Day trader

You are a day trader and want to get alerted when the trigger point you calculated happens. You already watch the market, but want some automation to make your life easier.
Watching ETFs

You have a bunch of index funds in your investing portfolio, but you want to watch for certain prices to pick up more based on your spreadsheet.

Beginning Investor

You don't know very much about the stock market, but have some ideas and want to see how long it takes for your prediction to happen (if ever).
Stock Market Games

You are in a stock market game for school or with friends, and want to get alerts when events happen that you care about.
Employee Vested Stock

You have vested company stock and want to sell it at a certain price, so you set TulipScreener events to alert you when to sell.

Didn't find a use case that fits you? Reach out to us and we can try to help! We're open to suggestions and we want to help!